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    Jin Lun Technology

      In 1 and 2000, we began to set foot in the field of railway turnouts and snowmelt.

      2. In cooperation with WOLFF, Germany, in 2003, the technical scheme of turnout snow-melting system suitable for China was determined.

      3. in November 2004, the first set of snowmelt test equipment was installed at the Wang Kun station of the Qinghai Tibet railway.

      4. In 4 and October 2005, the improved turnout snow melting system of Wang Kun station was installed and the second round test was started.

      5. The improved snow-melting system at Wangkun Railway Station was confirmed by the leadership of the Ministry of Railways and the Qinghai-Tibet Railway Corporation in November 2005, and the "Supply Contract for the Snow-melting System on the Turnouts of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway" was signed on November 8.

      6. At the end of June 2006, we completed the installation and commissioning of the snow melting system of 32 unattended turnouts and the equipment of three general control centers in the world's highest elevation Qinghai-Tibet Railway. This is a railway line built in the history of China's railway and installed with snow melting system.

      7. Since the winter of 2006, the snow-melting devices installed at 32 stations along the Gra section of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway have passed the test of heavy snow and snowstorm. The effect of snow-melting in the system is obvious, which provides a safety guarantee for train operation (the commanding language of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway). The Qinghai Tibet railway turnout snow melting system in July 1, 2007 has been checked by the state.

    Si Huan Jin Lun

      1. In 2005, Changchun Jinlun Technology Co., Ltd. jointly established Changchun FAW Fourth Ring Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. with FAW Fourth Ring Product Company under FAW Fourth Ring Group. For FAW-Volkswagen transmission plant to do transmission machine matching, take over transmission plant transmission workshop 02K (Jetta transmission) France, half shaft, shift shaft, separation arm shaft and all the disc gear parts, synchronizer gear seat, gear sleeve turning production line.

      2. In May 2004, the company sent some backbone and operators to FAW-Volkswagen Dissemination Plant for training and practice.

      3. From June to August 2004, the production line of four small parts and gears of 02K transmission was relocated in three batches and installed and debugged in batches; a batch of equipment was relocated, a batch of equipment was debugged, and a batch of spare parts were supplied.

      4. in November 2006, the company relocated twice to the new factory building of Jiayuan Road in the high-tech zone; 68 sets of machines plus equipment, 15 sets of precision instruments were successfully relocated at one time and commissioned for production.

      5. the company passed the TS16949 quality certification in 2006, three consecutive reviews in 2009 and 2012, and completed the upgrading certification in 2018.

      6. In 2007, FAW-Volkswagen MQ250 transmission disk gear parts, synchronizer gear seat, synchronizer gear sleeve production preparation, to achieve continuous, batch supply.

      7.  April 2008 through FAW Volkswagen supplier audit. B, 84 points. Routine audits were conducted in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. B, the highest score was 88 points.

      8.  2008 through Thyssen Krupp (Dalian) company supplier audit, become a formal supplier.

      9.  In 2010, it became a formal supplier through the supplier audit of Valeo (Changchun) company.

      10. April 2012 through Beijing VGC supplier audit. B, 85 points. 2013 audit B level, 88 points. In the same year, our company formally entered the global sourcing platform of Volkswagen Group.

      11. Since 2008, the company has devoted itself to the exploration and practice of quality management mode. By 2013, the quality work has entered the standard management stage. A complete set of file system and appropriate quality management mode have been formed.

      Improve the function of quality management system, improve the quality of products; standardize the quality management process, clearly define the quality responsibilities; pay attention to the production site, strengthen quality control; carry out product / quality related improvement activities; based on continuous improvement, constantly meet customer needs.

      12. In 2012, our company passed the supplier audit of FAW Group and became the official supplier of FAW car, FAW liberation and FAW FAW FOO parts platform.

      13. 2011 has stepped out product restructuring, preliminary industrial upgrading, winning the FAW-Volkswagen MQ200 transmission differential housing machining project; and in 2012 to start the MQ200 transmission synchronizer gear seat, synchronizer gear sleeve small batch supply and differential housing approval work; in 2013 began to achieve continuous, batch supply.

      14. In 2011, Volkswagen Dalian Automatic Transmission VWATD 7-gear dry dual-clutch automatic transmission DQ200 flange shaft project, completed production preparation by the end of 2012, and approved in 2013, and achieve batch supply.

      15.  Plan and 2013 Winning Bid Volkswagen Tianjin Automatic Transmission VWATJ Six-Gear Dual Clutch Automatic Transmission DQ380 (Phase I) Differential Case Project, signed two German inverted car automatic lines, can realize a production line by an operator operation and processing, and the level of technology has been greatly improved, the current leading domestic level.

      16.  or fifteen years after the successful bidding of Volkswagen Tianjin Automatic Transmission VWATJ six-gear dual-clutch automatic transmission DQ380 (Phase II) differential housing project, exclusive supply, the addition of three German inverted automatic lines.

      17. 2017 as FAW Volkswagen A-level supplier audit. In order to meet the needs of the company's future development, the layout of the company was adjusted and 97 sets of equipment were relocated throughout the year.

      18.  2017 wins the bid of Volkswagen Tianjin Automatic Transmission Company new energy vehicle APP290 transmission differential housing project, this product is the first new energy vehicle application of Volkswagen Group transmission.

      19. 2017 winning the Volkswagen Tianjin automatic transmission company DL382 transmission differential housing project;

      20. In 2017, the project of DQ200 differential case of Dual Clutch Automatic Transmission of Volkswagen Dalian Automatic Transmission Company won the bid.

      Twenty-one, 2018 winning the Volkswagen Tianjin automatic transmission company DQ380 differential housing production project.

      22. In 2018, Volkswagen Tianjin Automatic Transmission Company won the bid for the APP310 transmission differential housing project, which is the main transmission for Volkswagen Group's future domestic new energy vehicles.

      The above-mentioned products are all manufactured by EMAG handstand production line in Germany, and more than ten new production lines have been added.

      The above-mentioned products are all manufactured by EMAG handstand production line in Germany, and more than ten new production lines have been added.

      Form the annual production of all kinds of differential shell products nearly 3 million pieces of capacity, for the domestic high-end brand of the largest, the strongest enterprise.

    Jin Lun Industrial

      1.  participate in the design and development of the Boston Metro and Melbourne Metro in the China Mobile Group's long passenger Limited by Share Ltd. The application of sound insulation products reduces the noise of the vehicle to 4 decibels. A new type of 3M adhesive tape is used to replace the traditional glue in the bonding of cold-proof materials, which can reduce the toxic and harmful gases involved, reduce the labor cost and contribute to the environmental protection of the whole vehicle.

      2. 200 km EMUs and high-speed rail car body sticking film "harmony" application, change the drawbacks of traditional spray paint, with 3M sticking film color more beautiful, outdoor to maintain more lasting, 10 years do not fade, ease construction.

    Jin lun Electrical

      In December 21st 1.2011, Jilin golden Lun Electric Co., Ltd. passed the ISO/TS 16949:2009 quality system certification.


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